Straight Talk on Financial Issues Workshop

Market Risk

What type of a return do you need in retirement?
What is sequence of return risk?
What options can I incorporate to protect my nest egg?

Loss of Income

Pensions (Pension Maximization)
Social Security
Depreciation of Assets

Retirement Analysis

Will I ever run out of money?
How will my estate be affected by an extended care situation?
What strategies should I use for drawing Social Security?

This workshop is For

Planning your party, contemplating whether to continue working or retire, and dusting off your bucket list are important steps when getting ready to retire. However, the most important step is making sure your financial plan aligns with your goals and objectives.

Look At The Big Picture

  1. Understand how the 4 major risks might affect you in retirement.
  2. Learn ways to potentially protect yourself against volatile market conditions.
  3. How will my estate handle the expense of an extended care crisis?
  4. What are the best options for me when deciding when to take Social Security?
  5. Learn how cutting edge retirement software can give you a clear path through retirement!

So, You Say I Have A Chance?

You’re in luck! SMG Financial your hometown Financial Planning Specialists care about you and we understand that Retirement is not a one size fits all. That is why we offer a “Straight Talk on Financial Issues” workshop to empower you with education so you can avoid the retirement traps.